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Bring your pool table to life by featuring your favorite college team logo with one of our LICENSED COLLEGIATE BILLIARD CLOTHS.  Our Billiard Cloth is available in 2 different cloth grade options to meet the needs and demands of every customer.

Professional Grade Cloth attributes: Artscape by Milliken is a kaleidoscope of color and design, digitally-dyed right into the fabric, creating bright and colorful images that will last the life of your cloth. Milliken's unique and exclusive process ensures vibrant images that are color and water fast. Their designs are specifically engineered to hide normal wear and tear such as ball marks, burns, and bruises, meaning your cloth will look better longer than any competing brand of cloth.

Each cut of Artscape is specially treated with Milliken's patented Spillguard protection, preventing stains on your table, including red wine! If liquid spills on the table, watch it bead up, then simply dab it up with a dry towel.
These innovative manufacturing techniques do not affect the play-ability of the cloth, meaning you will have a professional-grade, tournament style pool table cloth that will last for years to come.

Artscape is printed on Milliken SuperPro professional cue sports cloth, a worsted blend of 70% Merino wool and nylon. It has been used in professional tournaments across the globe, and is preferred by a number of professional billiards players for its consistency and durability. Milliken is a worldwide leader in textile and technology research and development, headquartered in Spartanburg, SC. Their woolen specialty mill, where Artscape and SuperPro billiard cloths are produced, is located in the UK, and has been producing wool products since the 1600's.

Recreational Grade Billiard Cloth attributes:  The Recreational Billiard Cloths are manufactured using state-of-the-art, dye-sublimation technology which produces clear, eye-catching graphics/logos that are permanently imprinted and heat sealed on a specialty polyester cloth. This polyester cloth has an anti-friction coating to create consistent English and a 40 gram laminated backing to control ball speed.  The cloth’s stain resistant coating helps protect from unwanted stains. The logos and colors are printed at the same time to create an even and smooth playing surface.  This cloth is ideal for those consumers wanting to spice up their gameroom at a much more affordable price.

Please note we have numerous return requests for our Billiard Table Covers due to the customer ordering the wrong
size. It is extremely important that the customer verify the outer dimensions of their pool table to determine the correct
size cover to order. Our cover dimensions are noted in our Product Details workbook as well as on our website at
http://www.wave7.com/gameroom/covers.html. Covers may vary in size by an inch or so, so please make sure you are uncertain about the appropriate size to order. Many covers were returned damaged due to the customer not following the recommended care instructions that are
included with every cover, and did not ship the cover back in the manner in which it was received.
Even though the Billiard Table Cover is a MTO item, we do permit exchanges as long as the customer follows the
recommended care instructions and the original cover is returned in good, sellable condition. If the cover is returned
damaged/defective where it cannot be resold, you may be denied the credit in full depending on the condition upon
receipt. If returned in good, sellable condition, the manufacturer will issue you a credit less any shipping, handling and drop ship fees.
They will then apply the credit for the returned cover to the new cover order and charge you the difference of the covers
along with S&H for the replacement cover.

This item is made to order and is always available!  Professional grade cloth ships approx. 4-6 weeks from order date.  Recreational grade cloth ships approx. 7-10 business days from order date.  This item is subject to a special Return Policy.  See our Return Policy page for details.  By purchasing this item, you agree to the special terms, conditions and return policy.


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